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We provide comprehensive technological support of investments, beginning from testing of components through the design of concrete mixes, control of concrete at the construction site, laboratory tests of hardened concrete and ending on expert opinions and technical evaluations of ready objects. We also cooperate with chemical companies Mapei Poland, we implement new technologies and new solutions in the production of concrete, innovation programs in the construction industry for the acquisition of EU funds. Our support is also addressed to manufacturers, investors, contractors.

We design receipts for concrete mix for road construction, residential/commercial/industrial buildings, hydrtotechnical and bridge constructions, prefabricated products, cargo facilities and for concrete mixtures.

• concrete soc
• concrete ascc
• concrete fdc
• concrete fdsc
• concrete bww
• watertight concrete
• watertight concrete
• concrete for pavements
• concrete for bridge
• concrete for screed
• stabilization
• cement slurries
• injection

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AMSC Laboratorium Technologii Materiałów Budowlanych Sp. Z o.o.
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